Welcome to the online locker system for Hunter High School


Please use the following instructions to receive a locker:

Your Student Number is your Student ID (nine number) 

Your Password is your initials (capitalized) and your student number.

For example, if your name is "John Smith" and your student number is 9876543, your user id would be "9876543" and your password would be "JS9876543".

* Select a zone of the school in which you would like to have a locker.

* When a zone is selected, the available lockers will be listed. A locker entry that is Green is an empty locker. Any other color is NOT available.

* Once you have selected a locker, you will be shown the locker combination. You can login at any time to see your assigned locker and combination.

* You cannot change your locker through the online application. If for any reason you need to switch lockers you will need to go to the Main Office for help.